I love to take pictures of everything! You name it, I'll shoot it. :)

My goal is to custom tailor a photography design plan to fit your needs and budget.

Contact me for questions about pricing and availability.


Everyone wants photos of their events. Whether it's your child's birthday party, your best friend's baby shower, your office Christmas party, or just a gathering of friends, everyone likes to have pictures. 

I hold the camera so you don't have to and so that everyone can be in the picture too! Let me capture your event for you. I will set the photographs up in an online gallery for your guests to be able to access and download if you choose. My galleries can be set up as private, public or password protected.

In addition to the photo and hosting services, I can offer a way for your guests to upload their own photos into the gallery so that you get the greatest possible variety of pictures from your event. Looking for a custom logo, watermark, or border for your images to commemorate the occasion, we can do that too!


Photographing babies takes time and patience.

I work with the family, taking all the time they need to make sure the little ones are calm, comfortable, and camera ready.

The time is worth the payoff of the perfect shot!

Children & Families

Families are like snowflakes in that no two are the same! And that is what makes photographing them fun.

Whether you'd like to take the time dream up the perfect staged session, or you'd just like someone there to capture the beauty of the natural moments and interactions, I'm all in!  I take great pleasure in catching the moments in-between and turning them in to memories to be cherished.


Love knows no boundaries.

Whether you're newly engaged and looking for the those pinterest perfect photos of holding hands in the sun, or you've been married 50 years and are looking for a different style of couples photos that brings you away from a studio and out in to nature, or you're headed out to prom and want some really pretty photos of you and your date without all the fake columns and glitter curtains, I'm the photographer for you.I will sit down with you to help design a photoshoot that best shows your connection as a couple.

We'll make it fun, and when you're having fun, you look good on camera :) 

Senior Pictures

You only get to do this once, and it will be over before you know it! So it's important to commemorate these moments while they're happening.

Whether you want traditional style portraits with your typical high school accessories, studio stylized glam shots, or want to be photographed with one of your hobbies, we can make it work. I seek to provide you with senior pictures that are tailored to you!

Fine Portraiture

Looking for unique portraits?

See something in a magazine you'd like to try to re-create? 

Looking for an attention grabbing LinkedIn or Tinder profile pic?

Let's make art together!!!

Untitled photo


Every mother-to-be is beautiful. 

Whether you're looking for traditional pregnancy photos either solo or with your partner, maternity boudoir, or looking to create something unique and artistic, I will walk you through every step of the process and collaborate on the best fit for you. 

Let's capture your beautiful glow, so that one day your little one will be able to see the happiness they first experienced from within.


Looking for that perfect gift  to give a loved one  or even yourself?

 I will work tirelessly with you to make you look and feel your absolute most confident and fabulous self!

Whether you'd like a wall sized portrait in your birthday suit, a book of your boudoir adventures, or a to-go sized wallet portrait,  we'll have you covered... or uncovered  ;-)

Interested in commissioning me for a different kind of project?  Contact me and I'd love to collaborate!

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